Roundbird is a working pottery studio and art gallery nestled in The Cox's Warehouse: the heart of Shelburne's historic district.

The Cox's Warehouse was built for local businessman George A. Cox in 1902.

An imposing 160ft long building, it was originally a place of supply for the many fishermen who came into port and the shipyards around town. It has been featured as a location for film and television on a number of occasions and remains a prominent focus of the picturesque waterfront of Shelburne harbour.

The storefront of the building has been out of regular use for a number of years, despite its fantastic location- it's fair to say it needs a little love- but as a working, vibrant space with large, south-facing windows, it suits me just fine! I hope a visit to Roundbird will give you a chance to appreciate the enduring, tenacious appeal of this historic building, inside and out.

The Cox's is owned and maintained by the Shelburne Historical Society, a  not-for-profit, charitable organisation which gratefully receives donations. 


Roundbird: Working pottery studio & art space

I love coming in here to create! I can genuinely say I still get excited every time i open the doors.

Primarily, Roundbird is my working studio. Here you can see my work in various stages of development, from original sketches, doodles and foam/paper prototypes right through to the finished pieces. I'm more than happy to welcome you in and explain my process- perhaps too happy- I find meeting and talking to people encouraging, rewarding and inspiring.

Many of my finished pieces are available for purchase, though I do have a few special portfolio pieces that I keep on display to give visitors an idea of the kind of work I produce- if one of these catches your eye, let me know! I may be able to make you something similar. 

While the glazes I use are food safe and I do enjoy making mugs and bowls as well as more sculptural forms including my popular roundbirds, a lot of my pieces at the moment are designed for plants- interesting and functional containers for succulents and small houseplants or vessels for contemporary flower arranging. I aim to create beautiful, tactile and functional objects that have a geometric but organic quality, especially ones that can be paired and arranged in variety of different, surprising ways.

I announce the arrival of new pieces fresh from the kiln as well as upcoming events and updates to my schedule on Roundbird's facebook page, so feel free to give me a 'Like' to keep an eye on what I'm up to.


Showcasing local talent

Roundbird AIMS TO take advantage of its uniquely inviting location to promote the work of other local artists and craftspeople.

An astounding variety and volume of beautiful, unique art is created in Shelburne every day, and it's my delight and privilege to display a small sample of it here on the waterfront. 

The surprising diversity, authenticity and strength of Shelburne's art community is something those of us who live here are very proud of, and I welcome the opportunity to share it with visitors from all over the world- it is after all (along with the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, the mild winters, bright summers, affordable cost of living and the warm welcome of the people...) the reason I decided to make Shelburne my home!