b-b-b-bird bird bird

If you ever wondered what A LOT of roundbirds all together look like... and also how over two metres of side to side roundbirds don't even fill a half shelf of the kiln...

I couldn't resist taking some shots, even though these guys aren't fired yet. I love playing with roundbirds, which is pretty fortunate considering how many of them need making!

Source: http://www.roundbird.ca/blog/2016/10/5/min...

Mini Guineas and Roundbirds

The kiln is going on tomorrow morning! This means those of you who have been waiting for roundbirds- you can come pick them up on Saturday (possibly Friday but no promises) if you live locally, and I'll be contacting those of you who need them shipped with details about that on Monday. 

I'll be launching the Roundbird Directory soon, too- you might have noticed that your roundbird has a number on the bottom! This is how I keep track of which birds belong to which orders, as well as keeping track of how many I've made (82, so far...)

Fresh out of the kiln!

I've been pretty busy the last few weeks so I haven't been as focused on making new things as I otherwise would be- but these two pieces managed to squeak through regardless. If you've been in to the studio in the last week you probably saw these being made or spied them drying in the window. Since then they've been bisque and now glaze fired, and they've been making little melodic ping and tick sounds all day as they settle. Even when using a familiar glaze or combination of glazes it's always exciting seeing the results of a firing- it's never quite the same!

Week Two...

Set-up and organisation continues here at Roundbird! It's been amazingly busy down here, and somehow I've managed to get some work done as well as a few cosmetic changes to the studio space. Visitors this week might have noticed the sails now hanging from the ceiling, my fancy new lobster-crate drying rack, and the ever-vanishing pile of business cards. I've also finally made my sign, and even written on some business hours... so I suppose it's all official, now!

What a week!

It's been an absolute whirlwind of activity here at the Cox's Warehouse since my soft launch on the 20th. If I'd had the foresight I would have set up a visitor book, or at least kept count of how many people have come in through the doors- I've been completely blown away by the activity here on the harbourfront. There's barely been a half-hour from open to close where I haven't had visitors.

This week I set up my studio equipment, began to tackle the empty wall space, took down the old painting/sign and restored the frame, painting it to match the red exterior of the storefront, and began to hang sails to help disguise the storage area behind the huge counter in my future gallery space. I also had some fascinating guests drop by- musicians, writers, filmmakers, chefs, fellow potters... and a beautiful eclectus parrot named Elmo. All the people I met this week, visitors and locals, have been so supportive, encouraging and friendly- it's been almost overwhelming at times. I really am privileged to be here, and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

I might possibly have to close the doors so I can get some work done at some point, though!