Rosemary has never been particularly comfortable talking about herself in the third person, and she is only just beginning to feel like she can call herself an artist without having a minor panic attack. 

Born in Brighton and raised in the Home Counties of England, Rosemary embarked on a year abroad in Japan before beginning her studies at the University of Leeds. 
While she ultimately decided not to pursue Japanese Studies, the course did take her to Gakushuin Women's College in Tokyo for a year of language and culture studies, where she became intrigued by the Japanese art of flower arranging and gained a greater understanding of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi.

It was at the weekly drop-in classes of the Gardiner Museum in Toronto that Rosemary rediscovered clay and began playing and experimenting. A move to Almeria in Spain gave her a fresh appreciation for the geometric tiled designs of Moorish Andalucia and a chance to try making her own clay from the local soil - and finally, her move to Shelburne, Nova Scotia gave her the incredible opportunity to share studio space and equipment with local potter Andrew Newstead at Chimaera's Kiln, who encouraged and supported her as she developed her designs and ideas.

Now moving into her own studio/gallery on the historic harbourfront of Shelburne, Rosemary is looking forward to working in her own independent space.
That is, if she can ever stop being distracted by the view...